The Future of Food – What will we be eating in 2050?

Veranstaltungsort: Online (Online, Wien)

Datum: 3. Februar 2022, 18:30-20:00 Uhr


Expert Talk with MMag. Dr. Doris Schneeberger

What we eat has substantial impacts on our environment and society. Climate crisis has made many aware of this by shedding light on the environmental footprint of our daily eating habits and especially animal products have come into question due to their resource intensive cultivation. Also, increasingly frequent extreme weather events are taking a toll on agriculture and diminish what we can harvest. 💨⛈🔥

With the climate crisis worsening, we will additionally run into limits of much needed resources like fertile land and water.

So without a doubt – it matters what we eat. How and what we eat needs to change to ensure a healthy planet in the years to come, but the question is how? What will we eat in the future and how does a sustainable diet look like? Can we continue to eat meat? And what role do cultured / in-vitro animal products play?


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